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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia - Gameplay Introduction & 23 Summons !! (DFFOO)

Finally it's officially launched in Japan (Android/iOS). This video is about my 1st day trying this game, did the tutorial for how to play the game & also did my very ...

FFBE japan ff xv event awaken level

Just doing some runs on the latest event.

กระทืบโกไลแอท [Goliath Boss fight] - Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP [Nier Automata EVENT]

ร่วม Donate เพื่อเป็นขวัญกำลังใจในการพัฒนาช่องได้ที่ แนะ...

Brave Frontier - JP Stole My Omni Units!

Some day, I will have good units. Some day. This is something of a poor joke I've repeated enough times it is almost funny. No units, new or old, are any better than the people using them...

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